Terms of Use

By using our website, platform, and services, you agree to the collection, transfer, storage, and use of your personal information by Canadian Lending Hub. Our services are located in Canada.

Your Listing Account

When you create an account on Canadian Lending Hub’s website and platform, you must provide your full name, address, email address, and a copy of your identification for verification. Your chosen password is your responsibility to keep private and confidential, and you are responsible for all actions taken using your account. Your personal information will be publicly visible, including your name, contact information, and the listing. However, all other sensitive data, including your identification, payment information and address, will be hidden and secured on our services. Only authorized Canadian Lending Hub employees will be provided access to any sensitive information, strictly for account verification only.


Our listings are typically free, though we may charge for additional advertising services and visibility. However, you will always have the choice of whether you opt for a particular service and accept the related charges. Our fees are displayed in Canadian dollars, and you will receive a notification via email or the website/platform should the fees or amounts change. All private sale listings are subject to a 5% fee of the subtotal amount sold. This fee will be automatically deducted during the transaction process, and you will receive a statement indicating the deduction before the funds are deposited into your account.

Misuse of Services

You agree that you will not attempt to provide Canadian Lending Hub with false or misleading information. Sending or distributing spam, viruses, or any other harmful technologies will result in the immediate termination of our services for your account should we become aware of illegal or damaging behaviour that violates our policies.

We encourage you to provide any information on suspicious activity by using the “report” button visible on each listing page.


When you have received your deposit of the funds for the sale of your unit, you must sign the seller portion of the ownership and mail it to Canadian Lending Hub at [email protected].

Third-Party Uses

Canadian Lending Hub will utilize third-party platforms such as Meta/Facebook, Kijiji, and other popular platforms to advertise your listings. We will not be sharing any personal information other than the information provided within your public listing, such as the photos of the unit, year, make, model, and any additional information you have chosen to add to your public listing. Interested buyers will only be able to get in touch with you regarding your unit via our website’s chat service or any contact information you choose to provide publicly on your listing. Third-party advertising is generally free of charge unless you have purchased a specific package for additional services.

Limitations of Liability

Canadian Lending Hub is not responsible for manufacturers, warranties, or any other mechanical or non-mechanical concerns relating to the units listed or sold on our platform. Canadian Lending Hub will only be liable or responsible for warranties purchased explicitly from our platform. Canadian Lending Hub will not be liable for third-party payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment provider used on our platform.


You may receive a request or personally wish to post a review for a seller’s account. Our ratings are from 1 to 5 stars, and these reviews should only be placed based on your direct interactions with the seller. You will be required to explain the reasoning for your review, and it may be subject to removal if it violates our policies. If you are the seller and wish to report a review, you may report it by clicking “Report” directly underneath the review.

Platform Use

Canadian Lending Hub grants the right and permission to use the platform as you require, except for the following restrictions: (a) modify, copy, publish, license, sell or otherwise commercialize the CLH platform or any software and information associated with the platform; (b) rent, lease or otherwise transfer any ownership rights to the platform; or (c) use the Application in any manner that could damage or interfere with any individual’s use or enjoyment of the platform. You are subject to all laws and third-party terms of agreement when using the Canadian Lending Hub platform.

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