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Light Bee X

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Part dirt bike. Part MTB. All electric.

With 6 kW of electric power, a 75 km cruising range, a top speed of 75 km/h, and a curb weight of just 56 kg, the Surron Light Bee X represents premium electric technology.

The Light Bee X has become a worldwide phenomenon due to its accessibility, edgy design, zero emissions, and noise-free ride. Its lightweight aluminum frame is paired with off-road suspension specifically designed for this electric platform. Easy to handle and maneuver, even for newer riders, the Light Bee X also impresses experienced off-road enthusiasts with its capability to tackle challenging obstacles on the trails.

With a climbing ability of over 45 degrees, up to 100 km of range, and a short charge time, the Light Bee X promises endless fun in the dirt.

NEW FOR 2024

  • 60V/40Ah Battery: Provides powerful performance and extended range.
  • New Battery Connector: Ensures secure and efficient power delivery.
  • New Ride-by-Wire Throttle with Dual Hall Sensor: Offers precise control and enhanced riding experience.
  • Brand New Paint Process: Delivers a stunning finish with improved durability.
  • Revised, Stronger Handlebar Mount: Increases stability and durability for rugged trails.
  • Steering Stem Strengthening Ring: Adds extra strength to the steering mechanism for better handling.
  • Limited-Edition Phantom Purple Color: Stand out with this unique and stylish option.
  • 17-Digit VIN and NVIS with All Models: Facilitates easy registration and compliance with regulations.


  • 6,000W Peak Power: Delivers impressive performance.
  • Top Speed: 75 km/h for exhilarating rides.
  • 184 ft-lb (250 Nm) Peak Torque: Provides powerful acceleration.
  • Range: 75 km at 40 km/h, ideal for extended adventures.
  • Simple & Quick Charging: Connect to a standard wall outlet with the included charger. Charges to 100% in approximately 3 hours.
  • Easy to Handle and Maneuver: Weighs just 56 kg (123 lb) with a low seat height of 32.6″ (830 mm).
  • Adjustable Off-Road Suspension: Tailored for a smooth ride on varied terrains.
  • Regenerative Braking: Enhances efficiency and extends range.
  • 45-Degree Climbing Angle: Tackles steep inclines with ease.
  • Color Options: Available in black, blue, and silver, purple, with optional orange graphics included.

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