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Sport B13 MER



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Snowdog: A Four Season Utility Monster

Snowdog lets you take your winter adventure to an entirely new level. These rigs command packed snow, ice, powder, and trails with ease. Snowdog is an affordable utility alternative to a conventional snowmobile, making it an incredible option for trappers, hunters, and fishing enthusiasts. 

Despite the name, though, Snowdog doesn’t need snow! That’s right, you can use this off-roader all year long. The aggressive 20-inch tracks bulldoze through mud, low brush, slick ice – just about any terrain. Haul heavy cargo into and out of our incredible backcountry or over ice like a dream! If you’re shopping for a snow vehicle with utility as your main objective, you’ve got to consider Snowdog. And they’re still fun, we promise you!

Snowdog® makes reliable and affordable snow machines that are a great alternative transport to get you over snow and ice! The team at Hamelin’s Outdoor Power Equipment can walk you through all the features and benefits of our available Snowdog® machines. Come see us at our dealership in North Bay, ON today!

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