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Great Condition Low Hour! – Brand New Tracks! C52 Comfort Package, Enclosed Cab with Heat & A/CSound Reduction Cab, Vinyl Suspension Seat, P27 Performance Package, Power Bob-Tach, 7 Pin Attachment Control, Two Speed, Dual Direction Bucket Positioning, SJC Joystick Controls, Backup Alarm, BICS Interlock System, Engine Shutdown, Horn, 3 pt Seat Belt, Lift Arm Support Bar. The vertical-lift-path T76 compact track loader, part of the revolutionary R-Series loader lineup, is designed to meet the demands of today’s toughest jobsites. The 74-hp loader boasts an inline engine and direct-drive system as well as cast-steel lift arms and an optimized lift arm linkage to increase lift height and capacity. The loader’s low ground pressure track system gives operators the ability to push through soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions. Operators appreciate the loader’s powerful hydraulics and breakout forces, fast cycle times and leading operator comfort. The advanced 5-link torsion suspension undercarriage provides a more comfortable ride on long working days while enhanced features make routine service easy.

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