2022 Honda® NC750X DCT


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Strong power and torque
For even better performance, the NC750X’s liquid-cooled, parallel twin engine boasts increased power and a 600 rpm higher redline vs previous generations. Numerous advanced and patented technologies help to deliver exceptionally strong low-rpm performance for strong acceleration and ease-of-use in the city, and a relaxed character on the highway. The engine’s unique design creates a muscular, easy-to-use powerband not unlike that of a big-bore cruiser.

Distinctive sound and feel
To give the engine a satisfying and distinctive sound and feel, engineers thought way outside the box. An extra balancer shaft was added to inject the engine with just the right amount of “good” vibration. The effect of the twin balancers is to counteract vibration from higher rpm inertia, making the engine feel more refined, yet still with the distinct “throb” delivered by its 270-degree firing order. The intake-port layout inside the cylinder head was carefully designed to create an intentional interference between adjacent ports, which results in subtle combustion variations. In addition, the timing for the opening and closing of the intake valves was set differently for each cylinder. The result of all this? An engine that always lets you know what it’s doing and has a pleasant sound and feel.

Choose manual or DCT shifting
The NC750X is available in two versions: with a six-speed manual transmission, or with Honda’s sporty DCT transmission, which allows both paddle-operated manual operation and four levels of automatic shifting. DCT even senses whether the bike is travelling uphill or downhill and selects shifting points and engine braking accordingly. Plus, Adaptive Clutch Capability Control assists in on/off throttle situations, reducing pitching motions for smoother riding. With the six-speed manual transmission, wide gear ratios complement the engine’s powerband so there’s no need to be constantly shifting up and down to maintain strong performance.

Upgraded HSTC
Adding a third level in the NC750X’s Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system allows even finer rider-adjustable control of rear-wheel torque. HSTC lets you choose the amount of allowable rear-wheel spin — some spin on gravel or dirt, for example, or no spin on slippery roads. It’s a great feature that helps make the NC750X even more versatile.

Throttle By Wire
Throttle By Wire gives you another way to tailor the NC750X’s performance just the way you like it. Now with 3 preset modes — Rain, Standard, Sport, plus one rider-adjustable mode. Mode selection is managed between the left-hand switchgear and the LCD display.

Exceptional fuel economy
Through the use of friction-reducing technologies, integrated components (such as running the water pump off the camshaft), precise PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection, and efficient combustion, the NC750X engine delivers exceptional fuel economy.

Slipper clutch
The NC750X’s slipper clutch reduces lever load by 20% and helps to manage rear-wheel lockup under fast downshifts.

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