2022 Honda® Monkey


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Pearl Nebula Red, Knight Silver Metallic











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2022 Honda® Monkey

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Small but mighty

There’s a lot of performance packed into the Monkey’s compact 124 cc four-stroke engine, and because it’s a Honda, you know it’s going to be super reliable.

Modern technology

The Monkey’s air-cooled engine can trace its roots back a long way, but inside the familiar SOHC design you’ll find fully up-to-date technology. That means you get such features as modern electronics and fuel-injection for efficient, economical performance.

Five-speed transmission

Sure, the Monkey has a style all its own, but its five-speed transmission with manual clutch operates just like that of a conventional full-size motorcycle, with the same benefits of durability, control, and efficiency.

Light weight

Weighing just 105 kg fully fueled, the Monkey boasts a sporty power-to-weight ratio for exciting performance. The light weight also combines with the bike’s compact size to make it easy to manoeuvre, easy to park, easy to store, and easy to load onto the back of an RV or pickup truck.

Smooth handling

Just like a top-of-the-line sportbike, the Monkey comes equipped with an inverted hydraulic front fork for sure control over all sorts of road conditions. Plus, twin rear shocks combine with fat tires and a well-padded seat to provide excellent ride comfort.

ABS disc brakes

A bike this much fun is going to get ridden a lot, so it has to have a top-shelf braking system. That’s why we equipped the Monkey with standard ABS and hydraulic disc brakes front and back. On wet pavement or other compromised road surfaces, the Monkey helps you ride with confidence.

Chunky tires

The Monkey’s high-aspect-ratio tires mounted on 12-inch cast wheels do more than just look cool. They’re super practical too, giving you plenty of grip and absorbing bumps on rough road surfaces.

Low seat height

Whether you’re flat-footing it into a parking space or just stopped for a long light, the Monkey’s super-low 775 mm (30.5 in.) seat height makes it easy to manoeuvre and ride.

Multi-function instruments

Retro meets modern in the Monkey’s instrument cluster. The round housing is totally 1960s, while the digital display features a speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, and indicator for low/high beam. It even greets you when you first start the bike!

LED lighting

The Monkey’s round headlight looks retro, but its performance is totally up to date. Like the taillight, it uses LEDs for superior illumination and visibility.

Comfortable size

Sure, the Monkey may be small, but we sized it to fit adult riders. Case in point: check out the high-rise handlebar, which allows you to comfortably steer and work the controls without feeling cramped.

Sips fuel

With a 5.6 litre tank and incredible fuel efficiency, every fill-up will take you farther than you ever thought possible.

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