2022 Honda CB300R


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2021 Honda® CB300R
Essential café racer
Features may include:

Engine & Drivetrain
Performance advantage
The CB300R’s compact 286cc DOHC four-valve, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine is valued among riders for its free-revving, responsive nature. The engine also works extraordinarily well in real-world road-riding conditions, providing plenty of power both around town and out on the highway.

Efficient design
To reduce maintenance costs – an important factor for many riders – the engine is also designed with the minimum number of moving parts. Details like the low­friction piston rings, high­density core radiator and iridium spark plug help increase efficiency.

Confidence inspiring
The power of the engine combined with the six-speed transmission produces a remarkably broad torque curve for strong low-rpm performance. This makes the CB300R easy to ride, in both stop-and-go situations and on the highway, while also returning impressive fuel economy.

Chassis & Suspension
Premium construction
The CB300R’s frame – which helps underpin its minimalist style, drawn on the same Neo Sports Café lines as the CB1000R – is constructed with tubular and pressed steel; the swingarm is manufactured from steel plate, irregularly shaped in cross­section.

Standard ABS
Front brake is a radial-mounted, 4-piston caliper, wave-style disc brake. The rear is a single piston caliper, 220mm wave disc and both are regulated during use by 2-channel ABS. This high-specification system works through an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) providing a finely-balanced, front-to-rear operation and incredible feel, in all riding conditions.

Outstanding manoeuvrability
Curb weight of only 143 kg and compact 1,352 mm wheelbase gives the CB300R outstanding manoeuvrability and helps instill rider confidence and excitment.

At a glance
A thin lightweigh full-function LCD instrument display provides speed, engine rpm, fuel level and gear shift indicator simply, with warning lights arrayed across the top.

Fit and finish
Full LED lighting – including indicators – adds a premium yet timeless feel and contributes to mass centralisation. The headlight uses a dual bar light signature, upper for low beam and lower for high beam and the taillight is the thinnest ever mounted on a Honda motorcycle.

Boldly designed
Taking sport naked design to the next level with an attractive Neo-Sports Café philosophy from the iconic fuel tank shape to the underslung exhaust.

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